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We are an experienced professional team providing tailor made insurance solutions to the larger or more complex businesses.

Our continued success is based around the principles of knowledge, expertise and trust combined with quality and consistent service.

Meet The Team

Anna Fallows Cert CII

I joined JCB Insurance in 2002 broking commercial Insurance following a Business Management Diploma at Derby University.

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Rachel Robinson Dip CII

I joined JCB in March 2004 following successful spells at NFU Mutual and Aon Risk Services.

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Richard Chapman CERT CII

I have been in the insurance industry for 21 years with various large National Intermediaries and joined JCB Insurance in June 2011.

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Helen Cooney

I started with JCB Insurance in January 1994. The 12 years previous to this I was with several other commercial brokers learning my trade.

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Beverley Sherratt ACMI

I joined JCB Insurance in 1995 following 18 years working for Norwich Union. Overall I have 38 years experience in Commercial Insurance.

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Jane Taylor

I joined JCB Insurance in May 2004. Prior to that I have worked at other commercial brokers and an insurance company. Overall I have more than 20 years experience in the Insurance Industry.

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JCB Insurance has been using LinkedIn since July 2012 and the majority of our staff have profiles. Using LinkedIn keeps us up to date with news throughout the industries we specialise in, allows us to share useful advice and features with a wide audience and more importantly, is another tool for our customers to use to keep in touch with us.

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