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If your Machine is stolen or written off, your Plant Insurer may only pay out the market value of the machine. This will be lower than the original cost and may not be enough to clear any outstanding finance.

JCB Combination GAP protects you from this shortfall by paying out the difference between your Plant Insurance settlement and any outstanding finance or the invoice cost of the machine - whichever is the higher.

You don't have to have finance on the machine to take GAP Insurance, even if you buy it outright, you can still protect the invoice value.

We can also cover cars, vans and trucks too.

JCB Combination GAP Features

  • Can be bought up to 180 days after delivery
  • Often much cheaper than GAP offered by Dealers
  • Generous £25,000 claim limit
  • Spread the cost over 10 months by Direct Debit
  • Up to 3 years cover available
  • Available for all types of Plant & Equipment

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Plant Theft still a Problem in UK
  • Depreciation in plant value can leave big shortfall
  • No arguments about value as JCB Combination GAP makes up any shortfall
  • Protect the full value of your Asset

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