Client Service

Providing a high level of personal service to our clients is the cornerstone of our success.

Our Team Service Provides:

  • A fast reaction to claims and their satisfactory settlement. This means that paperwork and phones calls are reduced to a minimum, freeing up time as well as keeping your staff happy.
  • A deep understanding of your insurance needs, providing you with the confidence and knowledge that your demands and needs are met.
  • A fast reaction to enquiries giving you the advice and information you need in a structured, easy to understand format, enabling you to make sensible judgements based on our expertise.
  • Strong Relationship Building. This aspect is of paramount importance to us. By forging a partnership, we believe we create a synergy that reflects in improved quality of service. This means that you know we will always have your best interests at heart.

All of these factors result in an overall quality of service that you will find of substantial benefit to your business.


JCB Insurance has been using LinkedIn since July 2012 and the majority of our staff have profiles. Using LinkedIn keeps us up to date with news throughout the industries we specialise in, allows us to share useful advice and features with a wide audience and more importantly, is another tool for our customers to use to keep in touch with us.

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